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Articles from the Chairperson

A reflection of how technology has developed...
From the Around SMPTE/New England Archives
As published in our newsletter

Bob Paulson, very distinguished engineer, passes Very active SMPTE/New England member. (March 2010)

Phil Livingston, Technical Liason for Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems, Passes Broadcast pioneer had been with Panasonic for 25 years. (December 2006)

In Memory of Bob Turner, influential columnist and consultant to the post production Industry. (August 2005)

The (Painful) Way It Was: Editing Video the Old-Fashioned Way, Peter Fasciano, one of the original designers of the Avid system, remembers what video editing was like when it was done with a splicing block! (June 2005)

A Behind-The-Scenes look at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Pictures and description of what it was like to cover this event by Rick Zach, Chief Engineer at WCVB-TV. (January 2005)

BF/VF Closes. Memories of Boston's premiere Media Arts Facility. (February 2004)

SIGGRAPH 2003. Barry Ruff, Chief Scientist at BorisFX, gives us his impressions of the computer graphics extravaganza. (August 2003)

A New-Englander Abroad: The BBC Television Centre. The BBC offers tours of their main television production facility in London. Our intrepid correspondent took the tour! (January 2003)

Product Management: How to Build Consistently Successful Products. A guide for prospective entrepreneurs. An experienced product manager discusses all details of managing the development of a commercial software application from the idea stage to final deliverable. (July 2002)

Product Management, Part II: Selling a Better Mousetrap. The second half of this series discusses how to introduce new products into the marketplace and make them commercially successful. (November 2002)

Digital Cinematography: HDTV is alive and well. How HDTV is revolutionizing the movie production business. Discusses the mertits of HD production as well as the various formats and major players. (March 2002)

Lighting for Inner Peace. John Gates talks about the PBS Special. The Lighting Director for this show talks about his design approach and execution. (November 2001)

The Webcasting Medium: How the technology is advancing. The CEO for a prominent webcasting equipment manufacturer talks about the latest developments in the field. (November 2001)

In Memory of Jack Newcomb, former Associate Director at pioneering video production facility at MIT. A reflection on the life and accomplishments of this influential pioneer on the occasion of his death. (March 2001)

Technical Innovations at NAB: New Englanders star at the show. Some of the most exciting innovations at NAB 2000 have New England connections. (June 2000)

QuickTime 3.0 and the Avid/Microsoft Advanced Authoring Format. Noted columnist Bob Doyle discusses the latest developments in digital video formats and predicts the future. (May 1998)

QuickTime 3.0 Allows Adobe To Move Into Pro Video Editing with Premiere 5.0. How the new version of QuickTime promises wide software/hardware intercompatibility and the new software packages that have been announced (Premiere 5.0 and Final Cut). (April 1998)

Demo Reels. Advice for the newly graduated (and also for those who have been out for a while: How to make a demo reel that will get you a job. (March 1998)

A Eulogy to CMX, by Bob Turner A reflection and history of the company that virtually invented video editing. (January 1998)

Switcher NT: Ramblings from IBC. How computer technology, with it's open systems, plug-in architecture and distributed functionality is changing our world. (October 1997)

A Producers' Lament. Rambles from a corporate video producer: How consumer gear is affecting the pro industry. (September 1997)

Keeping the Bank Happy and Credit Flowing. How to find the right bank to finance your business, and the proper care and feeding of the relationship. (May 1997)

An Historic Parable, A Lesson for April 1. Notes on the Fierce and Bloody Format Wars of the Post-Sony era. (April 1997)

Meeting Follow-Up: Film Preservation News. Resource list and links for those interested in film preservation. (April 1997)

Technical Report: New Developments in Nonlinear Video, a three-part series. How the latest PC developments are making it possible to put video editing systems together from off-the-shelf components.

Editing Video with Adobe Premiere. A new capture/playback card eliminates the need for rendered files. (September 1996)

The Coming of Video and its Influence on Home Movies. A history of consumer-format video. (June 1996)

From Vintage Film to Betacam: Saving the Past for the Future. How several lost films were recovered, thanks to the resurrection of a 1912 Edison Home Kinetoscope and the effort of several New Englanders. (April 1996)

A Personal View of Curt Rawley's (Avid President) Dismissal, by Bob Turner. The CEO who led Avid from a $4M company to over $400M and took it public was dismissed. The leading columnist on nonlinear technology discusses Mr. Rawley's actions and what this may mean for the future. (March 1996)

4:2:2 Profile in MPEG-2 Compression Heirarchy. An explanation of the new format. (February 1996)

Technician's Corner: Questions people have asked me lately. How to get video out of your computer, use a computer as an edit controller,optimizing the display of computers and component video equipment on video projectors, making video look like film (3:2 pulldown), what are 'dub connectors', the cost of batteries, and more. (October 1995)

Film/Video Museums Around the World. Descriptions of the Paris, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York, and Las Vegas museums. (June 1995)

Recent Progress in Computer Graphics. Reflections on how the computer industry is advancing. (From the SIGGRAPH/New England Magazine.) (March 1995)

Wicked Funny April Fool Article. Tales of Shame and Degradation in the Big Idea Lab. (April 1995)

Hybrid Lighting. An approach to energy-efficient lighting. (March 199)

Virtual Reality Movies. Three MIT Media Lab professors show off their work: Mike Bove with object-based transmission, Glorianna Davenport with multithreaded movies, and Steven Benton with 3D holographic displays. (January 1996)

Fall Survey Results. What our survey told us and what we plan to do about it! (February 1996)

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