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2002 Election Results...
Phil Ozek Moves Up To Section Chair
We've got two new managers!

Manager Phil Ozek has been elected Section Chair, a position he had some years ago. Welcome back Phil! The unexpired term (one year) of his Manager position will be filled by Jeff Sauer, the columnist for Video Systems magazine. This is the first time Jeff has been on the Board of Managers and we'd like to extend him a very warm welcome.

Robin Shahid and Kevin Lessard are returning to the Board after a short absences. Robin was busy traveling with Sony and Kevin never really left because he continued as Membership Manger. We're very glad they're both back on the Board.

Marty Feldman, of the Camera Company has also been elected to the Board of Managers. This is also his first stint on the Board and we're very please to be able to welcome him.

Continuing in office are Paul Beck, Treasurer, Bob Lamm, Newsletter/Web Page Editor and Emeric Feldmar. (Click here for a complete list of Section Managers and their contact information.)

Outgoing Managers Mike Keller and Bob Poulsen have regretfully been unable to continue on the Board because of work committments, but plan to stay involved as members. We'd like to extend our most sincere thank-you to both long-time supporters of our Section and our most heartfelt gratitude for their many contributions.

Finally, outgoing Chair John Gates hopes to get a little rest after several terms as our fearless leader. There is little we can say to express the deep appreciation we all have for his leadership and the excellent guidance he provided for our Section. Fortunately, he plans to continue his involvement and has already scheduled a 'Lighing Boot Camp #2' for next March.

Posted: 28 September 2002
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor