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Commercial and Nonprofit Enterprises

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Apple Quicktime Web Site Apple QuickTime VR site Apple QuickTime Tools Page

Berkeley University live video capture to a web server Explanation of how it was done

CIFC: Canadian Independent Film Caucus Report on the Information Highway.

CAVE Environment Page


CUI (Switzerland) WWW Quicktime Catalog

Digital Image Design

Digital Video Engineering Data: Lot of links to organizations, manufacturers, research institutions.

Digital Video-Related Listservs

The Eden Matrix

Electronic Arts: Funky, video-oriented site.

Film and Broadcasting Page: Links to film/video-related pages.

Film Guy's page: Samples from his book on film, sound, and video editing. Film term glossary.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

Fractal Movie Archive (France)

GMD Digital Media Lab (Germany)

GNN Digital Drive-In

GNN Internet Movie Moguls

Grafica Obscura Technical notes, pictures, essays, and other stuff that might interest people who are into computer graphics.

History of Communication Media Technologies Index of Internet resources related to communication media history

Interactive Genetic Art and Movies

Internet Movie Database at Mississippi State University: Huge database of titles, cast, even technicians in movies from all over.

Internet Video Services

ITRG: University of Westminster (England) Imaging Technology Research Group. Links to sites in the UK and elsewhere.

LJ Video:Larry Jandro's home page. Broadcast engineer with a long career in television. Equipment for rent and links to interesting video sites.

KALI's World of Stereograms (Germany)

Dieter Kaupp's Professional Film/Video Directory

KKTV-11 Home Page: This web site has the famous "Pikes Peak Cam.

LiveDV Home Page

Mandy's Film and Television Directory: World-wide film and TV service providers directory.

Media streams: Iconic visual language for video annotation

MediaWeb, which has links to other sites.

Mega-Media Hyperlinks Page: Northwestern University Department of Radio/TV/Film database of professional companies, journals, and other resources.

MICE (UK) Multimedia Index: Multimedia index assembled by Multimedia Integrated Conferencing lab at University College in London, England.

MIT Media Lab: MIT lab working on lots of computers-in-communications projects. Nick Negroponte, 'Wired' magazine columnist, is the Director.


MPEG Movie Archive (Netherlands)

MPEG Technical Information from EIT, makers of internet commercial software

Multimedia, Film, Video, and Broadcast Resources on the Internet: Compiled by the Northwestern University Library - Multimedia Center

Multimedia Information Sources Index (Germany)

Netscape Chat Info: (Windows only) To install

New Media Magazine

New York Film & Video Web Site

NII Advanced Video : From the May 10 - May 11, 1994 meetings in DC. Papers on Grand Alliance, progressive-scan TV, HDTV, internet/video broadcast, goverment multimedia goals.

Northwestern University Omnibus Eye Professional Radio/Film/TV database including companies, journals, other resources.

Planet Earth Home Page Television Information

Charles Poynton's Video Engineering Page: Links to ITU/SMPTE/CCIR standards, color-space FAQ and information on consumer video.

Rob's Multimedia Lab

Robotic Tele-Excavation

Satellite TV Page

Sound Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page

Television Pointers

Telnor Research (Norway): MPEG faq, and the H.261 standard.

Thumbs Up TV

TVNet: Broadcast index, including stations, programs, industry people.

University of Sheffield multimedia course

Video Compression Glossary: Assembled by MICE, a multimedia research lab at University College in London, England.

Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site

Video On Line (Italy)

Video Production Resources: Index of US video production companies

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum

WebOvision Presents The Media Page

Yahoo - Business:Corporations:Media:Television:Networks

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