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September 2004
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Dear Colleagues-

As the New England sunsets occur earlier and the nights begin to cool down we're once again reminded that the traditional end of summer is upon us and Red Sox Nation dreams that this year will finally be "the year."

We're also reminded that with the change of seasons another SMPTE/New England chapter season is about to begin. And once again your slate of elected managers and volunteers have been busy planning this season's meeting calendar.

Kicking off the season on September 15th at 7:00 PM at AVID Technology in Tewksbury, MA will be a topic that should be of interest to many that builds upon our HDTV theme from last season.

Join us as we present "Compressed vs. Uncompressed HD Mastering - Come Join the Debate!" presented by Bob Turner of Video Systems magazine.

Bob will present the issues of choosing uncompressed or compressed HD for Mastering. There were several new Compressed HD Mastering solutions introduced at NAB and Bob will explain the pros and cons of each. Bob has invited companies offering these new technologies to the event with hopes that specific questions can be answered directly. Comparison samples may be available for viewing. After Bob's presentation, everyone will be asked to participate in a questions and comments segment.

Note: While there are many exciting delivery codecs and certain mastering codecs may be used for acquisition as well, the focus will be on Post Production Mastering.

As far as the rest of the schedule is concerned, it's still a work in progress. Presented here, however, is our tentative schedule and list of topics. As always, check your e-mail and the SMPTE/New England website for the very latest meeting information.

SMPTE New England 2004 - 2005

  • Sept 15: Compressed vs. Uncompressed HD Mastering at AVID Technology in Tewksbury

  • Oct 20th: TBD

  • Nov 17th: 60p HD Camera Technologies

  • Dec 15th: DV Film Making Holiday Inn, Dedham

  • Jan 19th: Annual Digital Production Showcase at WCVB-TV5

  • Feb 16th: TBD

  • Mar 16th: HD Boot Camp – The Sequel

  • Apr 27th Annual NAB Wrap-Up at WBZ-TV4

  • May 18th: 1,001 Arabian Lights

  • Jun 15th: Annual Retrospective/Cookout

The following are meetings we're currently working on and hope to present to the chapter this season.

  • IMAX Technology at the soon-to-open IMAX Theater in Reading, MA

  • ESPN Facility Tour - A Special Joint Meeting with the New York Chapter

  • Panavision Digital Cinematography

  • Mobile Teleproduction Vehicle Assembly Facility Tour

On behalf of the entire SMPTE/New England management team I want to thank our chapter members for giving us the privilege to serve the New England chapter and we all look forward to another technically exciting and educational season.

A formal meeting notice containing directions, etc. for the September 15th meeting will be e-mailed to all chapter members in approximately one weeks time.

Warm regards,

Phil Ozek
SMPTE/New England

Posted: 2 September 2004
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor