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October 2000
Paul Beck's Work Rewarded
... At Last

By John Gates, SMPTE/NE Chairperson

The S.M.P.T.E. is an international organization that works because talented and busy people volunteer their time, talents and enthusiasm to a wide range of activities that all of us benefit from. From monthly section meetings, to papers at conferences, to standards committee's, to articles in the monthly Journal Of The SMPTE, volunteers make it all happen.

It is particularly fitting that this October, during the S.M.P.T.E.'s 140th Technical Conference in Pasadena, CA, our favorite New England SMPTE member and current Secretary-Treasurer Paul Beck will receive the Citation For Outstanding Service To The Society. The Citation "recognizes individuals for dedicated service to the Society over a sustained period of time. Particular emphasis is placed on service performed at the Section level..."

Paul's Citation reads, in part: "Paul R. Beck is being recognized for his faithful and enthusiastic service to the New England Section for 24 years without interruption in every possible section office."

Paul truly deserves this very special honor. His hard work shows in the many people who work on your behalf planning and organizing countless SMPTE New England events. People that Paul recruited almost single-handedly.

I ought to know. Over 20 years ago, Paul recruited me to become an "officer" in this section when a previous Chairperson suddenly resigned. Paul & I worked many days to turn around a shrinking section into a growing section. Since that time, we've worked together on many SMPTE New England projects, including some of the societies very first teleconferences back in the early and mid 80's (Imagine, using our technology to teach the technology!).

I can honestly say that the one main reason I have stayed active on the section level for all these years, is because of Paul Beck. A good friend, a trusted advisor, a valued colleague. If you enjoy the SMPTE New England activities, you can thank Paul Beck.

Hail Fellow, well met! You deserve this honor, and more.

    -John Gates, SMPTE/New England Section Chairperson
    Gates Service Group, Inc.
    14 Edgewood Ave.
    Beautiful Downtown Natick, MA 01760-5424
    508-651-7889 Fax

Posted: 13 May 2001
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor