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December 2010
From the Chair
Moving Forward

Okay, I'm actually sitting on my SOFA, but that's close enough. Sorry to have to ask you, but the organization requires your vote just one more time. Ballots are currently in the mail to every member. Now that the membership has voted to accept the new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws a further action is required to formally 'move forward under the new governance.'

While the previous vote was to accept the new articles and bylaws, THIS vote is needed in order to dissolve the previous constitution that was no longer recognized by the DC Non-Profit Corporation Act. Your vote is required before January 18, 2011. When you receive your ballot, simply check YES or NO, include your name and signature and fax it to 914-761-3115 or e-mail to

If you insist on using snail mail, the address is SMPTE, Attn: Bylaws, 3 Barker Ave., White Plains, NY 10601.

SMPTE will be forever grateful.

Marty Feldman
SMPTE/New England

Posted: 4 December 2010
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor