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Companies, Institutions and Agencies
Commercial and Nonprofit Enterprises

Limited to those in film, video and computer graphics. Local groups in bold type.

Abekas (US): Manufacturer of high-end video production equipment. Product and corporate information.

Adobe Systems: Manufacturers of Premiere nonlinear editing software

Alias Research: Manufacturer of high-end computer-animation equipment.

Apple Computer Apple Quicktime Site Apple QuickTime Tools Page

Avid Technologies: Manufacturers of nonlinear editing systems, software, and storage. Headquartered in Tewksbuy, Mass.

BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Bruce Bowers Video Productions, North Carolina

CBS Television Network

CBS News

CNN: Cable News Network

CYNC Corp.: Professional Video/Multimedia Equipment Dealership.

Diamond: Maker of the Stealth card)

Digital Video Magazine


Dominio Digital: Production/Post Production company in Monterrey, Mexico

FCC: Federal Communications Commission: Government Agency responsible for regulating telephone, broadcasting and other (including internet) electronic communications.


Grass Valley Group: Manufacturer of high-end switchers, editors, etc.

HARC: Houston Advanced Research Center Developers of a new compression scheme.



Interstudio (UK): English audio/video equipment sales company. They also have a music archive.


Eastman Kodak Company

MIT Media Lab: MIT lab working on lots of computers-in-communications projects. Nick Negroponte, 'Wired' magazine columnist, is the Director.


NewTek: Manufacturers of the Video Toaster, which makes an Amiga computer into a post- production system.

Rule Equipment Rental: Catalog of rental items, you can place orders from the site!

Sarnoff Research Center: Former RCA research lab where TV was developed. Now doing lots of HDTV research.

SGI: Manufacturer of the predominant high-end platform. This site has lots of VRML info.

Sony (US): Not only a large consumer-electonics company, they're also the predominant manufacturer of post-production equipment. Sony Computer Science Laboratory (Japan)

SRI: Stanford University research lab doing lots of digital video research. Lots of technical stuff.

Sun Microsystems

Talamas Broadcast Equipment: Talamas provides digital cinema, professional video, audio and communication equipment for the film, production, and broadcast industries.

Tektronix: Test equipment manufacturer. Also make the Profile video server

Texas Instruments: Make the IC's used in many digital video products, including graphics processors and other specialized circuits.

TV Net: Index of stations, programs and people in the TV industry

VideoMaker Magazine: Covers consumer/prosumer end of the market.

VideoMedia: Manufacturer of V-LAN, which allows video decks to be controlled by computers.

WCVB-TV Channel 5, Boston MA

Updated: 19 September 1995
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor