Preliminary Writeup

An Evening in Cyberspace

Rollout of the SMPTE/New England Web Site

We were treated to an evening of exploration as we navigated the World Wide Web and officially rolled out SMPTE New England's web site! Audience members learned about the SMPTE national and local chapter web sites as well as other television, film and video related sites. In addition, we were shown how to connect to the internet, decipher the jumble of terms such as SLIP and PPP and how to set up our own site on the web.

Speakers: Bob Lamm, creator of the site, showed off our new page and spoke about the work that went into setting up SMPTE/NE's WWW server.

Phil Ozek, SMPTE Chair and Websurfer ExtraOrdinaire led us on a tour of fascinating film/video web sites all over the world.

Todd Rodgers, originally scheduled to speak, was replaced by Lowell Gray, President of North Shore Access, an Internet provider. He showed us how to get connected and answerd a lot of questions on how the internet works.

A more complete writeup is in the works...