NYNEX Video Transmission

Our November Meeting at NYNEX Operations Center in Framingham

By Erich Gibtsnicht

Nynex eplained the different types of video services they offer to broadcasters. These differ in sophistication and cost from a simple wire to a switchable digital multipoint system.

Many attendees were very excited by the many NYNEX services, but some were disappointed at some of the limitations. Mainly, they wanted the services to be more tailored to production house needs.

NYNEX also discussed their new dial-tome service. It's very similar to the interactive cable TV proposals that have been floating around for some time now. Most in the audience were very impressed by the technical presentation, but one malcontent complained that the new technology was just aping current cable TV:

He didn't like the set-top box that was envisioned: He wanted a coputer-based video browser, such as netscape for user interaction. He also felt that the system should aim higher than cable TV, and should strive to offer Internet functionality, but in a bandwidth-bookable way instead of the current everybody-slows-down-when we get-more-users system. He felt that NYNEX would be able to charge a premium for this super-internet service.