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May 14, 2005 meeting rescheduled...
IMAX Meeting Postponed Until September
To get better attendance

At this time we are rescheduling the IMAX meeting for Saturday, September 24th. (This date isn't definite.)

For those that have already sent in payment, we will be returning your checks in the next couple of days.

The reason for rescheduling is due to the poor response we had for attendance. As of yesterday, we had only received a total of thirty requests for tickets. Since this meeting required a travel commitment from an IMAX senior VP as well as costs associated with the shipping of a special IMAX film and the requisite technician travel for setting up the film, we could not justify proceeding with the meeting at this time. We were predicting to have at least 100 people commit to attending this meeting and really need that number of people to make this meeting worthwhile.

The good news is we now have a great meeting to kick-off the 2005 – 2006 SMPTE/New England meeting season. Please put this event of your calendar NOW and support your SMPTE/New England section.

Tickets will still be $10.00 and requests for tickets should be made by the first week of September.

Please make your check payable to: SMPTE/New England

Mail to:

SMPTE-New England Section
c/o Paul Beck
71 Cross St.
Foxborough, MA 02035-1335

Friends, relatives, spouses and children are all welcome.

For more information, please contact Phil Ozek at

Posted: 13 May 2005
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor