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At the May 26, 2004 meeting...
Delivering Streaming Content to Wireless Devices and PC's
At HB Communications in Waltham

Timothy Wong, a lead developer for mobile content delivery systems at RealNetworks, should be a comedian. His presentation was wickedly entertaining as he showed us the current state of the art in wireless video streaming - mostly to cel phones with video screens.

For me, the revelation of the evening was that the frame rates of these things are measured in seconds per frame, not frames per second! They seem almost like slideshows. Mr. Wong also added a lot of clarity to what is perhaps the main obstacle facing developers of wireless streaming technology today - there are a lot of different phone models with different screen sizes, resolutions, etc. and new ones are constantly being introduced!

And his humorous but accurate view of the wireless business model and which parts were most likely to develop first was spot-on.

Now I don't want to make it sound like this presentation was all fun and games: He also covered some serious issues:

    The type of components and systems needed to create and deliver content to mobile devices.

    Mobile content delivery services currently available and the type of delivery methods being used (i.e. RTSP/RTP streaming; http download/pseudo-streaming)

    The current reality with today's player/handsets and some of their issues. I.E.: different handsets, voice only, BREW, Java, PocketPC, Symbian, WAP, etc...

And of course, lots of demos!

A very enjoyable presentation!

Posted: 2 June 2004
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor