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At the March 19 meeting...
Lighting Boot Camp 2
The Consequences of Color.

The New England Section's Lighting Boot Camp in March 2002 was so successful, we brought it back for an encore. Over 90 SMPTE members and guests traveled to Studio B at High Output, Inc.'s new facilities in Canton, MA for a lighting workshop and active demonstrations that covered the five basic lighting choices with a specific emphasis on Color.

A special one hour pre-meeting time allowed attendees to preview the lighting equipment and the two HD cameras, provided by long-time SMPTE-NE supporters Boston Camera Rental Company & Rule Broadcast used in the workshop. Tours of the three High Output studios and ancillary facilities were offered as well.

For two hours, award winning lighting director John Gates led the participants through the five basic lighting choices: Selectivity, Brightness, Angle, Quality & Color, using a wide range of lighting equipment from High Output, set-up and operated by volunteers from IATSE Local 481, to illustrate the cause & effect of the lighting choices.

Generous support from Mike Jones of Rosco Labs provided a wide range of color products that allowed John to explain and clearly show the range of color choices available to the motion image creator. Several lighting demonstrations aptly demonstrated the often significant differences between what the human eye perceives and what the camera is capable of recording/reproducing. Differences in both hue and saturation in lighting color, as well as the perceived color "contrast" which one can create, were well-displayed on the HD systems.

The entire 2-hour presentation was audio/video captured for archival purposes and possible webcasting on the New England Section web site.

Presenter Contact Information:

John Gates
Gates Service Group, Inc.
Lighting Design & Consultation for Television & Film
14 Edgewood Ave.
Natick, MA 01760-5424
Office: 508-651-7886
Fax: 508-651-7889

          Respectfully submitted,

          Paul R. Beck
          New England Section

Posted: 17 April 2003
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor