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At the March 10, 2004 meeting...
HDTV Boot Camp
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On March 10, 2004, the New England Section of SMPTE gathered for the first SMPTE/New England HDTV Boot Camp.

This was a daylong Technical and Informational Seminar, held at Stonehill College in nearby Easton, Massachusetts, just 26 miles South of Boston.

The SMPTE/NE HDTV Boot Camp was held in conjunction with multiple hour-long White Papers and mediated presentations presented by HD Technology manufacturers. Local and regional practitioners in the HDTV field, from both the Broadcast Television and professional Post-Production communities also gave mediated presentations and showed samples of HD Digital production. Seminars were given by: Avid Technology, BFA Communications Technology Consultants, Comcast, Dolby Laboratories, JVC Professional Products, Leader Instruments Corporation, Leitch, Miljoy Enterprises, National Boston, Panasonic Broadcast, Pinnacle Systems, Snell & Wilcox, Sony Broadcast, Tektronix, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, WCVB-TV & WCVB-DT, WGBH / NCAM and The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Kevin Lessard, Vice President and Director of Engineering at Video Express, served as meeting originator and coordinator. Mr. Lessard's opening remarks set the tone for the day's educational events...

"It is appropriate that this meeting take place at such a fine example
of higher education. A place where businesses, organizations, educators, and individuals can gather to learn more about a technology that is currently, and will continue to affect our daily lives."

Additionally, in a most gracious manner, Director of Media & Videography at Stonehill College, Michael Pietrowski and the entire staff at Stonehill College, generously provided several large-capacity mediated classrooms and auditoria venue spaces for the many HD presentations. The entire Stonehill College community served as gracious hosts to over 300 HDTV Boot Camp attendees who attended the campus on March 10. It was a resoundingly successful day of HDTV-related information exchange.

The significance of the March 10 date of the HDTV Boot Camp event coincides with the first use of the telephone instrument by Alexander Graham Bell, some 128 years ago, to that day. Electronic Communication has come a long way since that fledgling effort.

The New England Section of SMPTE was also able to capture most of the presentations on digital video, and is planning to release a set of DVDs which provide most of the information essence of the many all-day Seminars, many with Power Point presentations. Kevin Lessard is the contact person for acquiring a set of these DVDs.

Submitted by Paul R. Beck, Section Secretary/Treasurer

Posted: 11 April 2004
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor