At the June 17 meeting...

High-Speed Video Duplication

At High Speed Video, Southboro, MA

By Paul R. Beck

The June 17, 1998 New England Section SMPTE meeting was held at "HIGH SPEED VIDEO," a division of VideoTransfer, Inc, located in Southboro, Massachusetts, just a few miles West of Boston.

Due to threatening weather, fierce thunderstorms actually, the attendance at this meeting was far less than expected. Only 30 members and guests were in attendance.

This meeting is traditionally a "laid-back" and informal fun event, with both professional and social components, which includes a simple barbecue event. Harkening back to the early days of Film and Video, the New England Section has sporadically awarded "Distinguished Technology & Achievement Awards" to members or respected members of the community.

Such was the case on June 17th when Film historian Alan Kattelle of Hudson, MA. received the first annual "Dysfunctional-Junction Award," in the form of a venerable (non-working) Eastman Kodak VP1 flying spot scanner 8mm film telecine. .

Secondly, distinguished author, Technologist and SMPTE Technical Committee member Bob Paulson, of Westborough, MA. received the coveted "High Connectivity Award" for his work on fiber optic technical standards, in the form of a 25' section of perfectly good BIW TV-81 camera cable, with working connectors. Both recipients were pleased with their awards, accepting them with distinction, honor and humility.

A third award ceremony for Peter Fasciano, of Avid Technologies, was held just after the meeting. Peter received the coveted "Master Editor Award," in the form of an RCA/Smith editing microscope and splicing block for 2" quadruplex tape. Mr. Fasciano accepted his award with dignity and a brief anecdote about his first actual use of such a device at the age of 14.

By dusk, the events moved fully indoors to the spacious and modern videotape duplicating facility operated by HIGH SPEED VIDEO.

Past SMPTE Regional-Governor Karl Renwanz served as host and guide for the in-depth tour, which revealed the magnitude of effort that his company has gone to in order to provide one of the fastest and highest-quality tape duplication facilities in The East.

In particular, the SPRINT system and its carefully-controlled "clean room" were highlights of the tour and discussions. The total manufacturing, labeling and packaging processes were discussed and demonstrated by Karl and his excellent staff at High Speed Video.

The barbecue event mingled with the various tour events, and SMPTE members and guests lingered well past 10:00 PM, quite late for a mid-week meeting.

As in past New England Section barbecue events, it is always a team effort. Special thanks to Master Chefs Bruce Ballantyne and Michael Goodman, both superb grillmen, and who both stayed until the late hours, helping to clean up.

Thanks to Karl Renwanz, Andy Hauck and the whole team at High Speed Video for a wonderful evening out at Southboro, MA.

Paul R. Beck is Director of Engineering at the TRF Unit at Emerson College and New England Section Secretary/Treasurer of SMPTE/New England. He can be reached at 617-824-8834.

Posted: 25 August, 1998
Robert Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor