At the January 21 meeting...

Nonlinear Showcase

Demos and Presentations

We had some of the biggest names at our meeting, they showed off an incredible variety of video editing hardware:


Avid showed off the newest version of their Media Composer. This is their top-of-the-line product. They also showed off MCXpress for NT, a midrange application designed for smaller production houses and corporate facilities.

Discreet Logic

Discreet Logic showed off the Flint and Flame, SGI-based solutions that do a lot of realtime effects.


D-Vision showed off Online 3.5, a high-end NT-based application with a great deal of realtime effects capability, some nice features like voiceover the timeline and audio grouping/realtime mixing. It also has a very powerful, configurable interface that can be adapted to the task at hand and is very efficient while also giving the user a great deal of control over the creation of all aspects of his program.


Fast showed the DV Master, an inexpensive non linear solution using firewire I/O.

Media 100

Media 100 had showed off their flagship model, which delivers online quality capture, creation, manipulation and delivery of video, audio, graphics and animated media.


Mercury Computer Systems showed SuiteFusion, a software application that has established itself as a workgroup solution for post-production facilities and broadcasters that are interested in having multiple non-linear video editing stations access centralized stored data simultaneously in real-time.


Netpower was showing off their optimized PC solutions for video and multimedia


Panasonic had several items on display:

Postbox Elite is the newest version of Postbox with Version 3.5 software with new 3:1 compression and added audio features. Postbox is a total real time, Windows '95 based, M-JPEG nonlinear edit system with over 430 2D & 3D real time effects, a Key Frame DVE, variable motion control, video modifications (strobe, colorization, ripples, etc..), Built-in Character Generator, Paint System with Rotoscoping features, filters, import/export capabilites (tga, tif, jpeg, pict, etc...), 4 stereo pairs of audio, Full Layering capabilites for video and graphics and much more. Fast, easy to learn and affordable. (now using Megadrives and Rorke Date Drives).

NewsBYTE is a Windows NT based, DVCPro-Native Real Time Nonlinear Editing System featuring a built-in DVCPro 4X recorder/player with T4 disk transfers at 4X faster than normal speed from Tape to Hard Drives. The footage is transferred in the native compressed DVCPro format to the Drives where it can be edited on a timeline with real time transitions (wipes, dissolves, cuts, etc...), with 70 minutes of storage (upgradeable), 4 audio channels and variable speed control. Keys and Graphics can be added as well then recorded back to DVCPro at 4x speed or out to a server via CSDI. NewsByte is fast and easy and can integrate with other VTRs at 1x speed. Designed for news and where speed is vital.


Pinnacle had the Genie Plus, an effects card that can turn into a non linear solution with the new Reeltime board from Pinnacle. The card is a dual stream with graphic overlay card that uses Adobe Premiere as its front end and can view everything from the timeline, including effects, in realtime.


Quantel's Newsbox is a fully-featured, non-linear news editor, offering the speed and flexibility to meet the demands of even the fastest newsroom. Newsbox provides all the benefits of disk-based true random access storage--instant access to every edit, clip and frame--and the ability to easily make changes right up until air time. A modular and upgradeable system, Newsbox performs equally well as a standalone news editing system or as part of a larger Clipbox video server-based news facility.


Scitex had the Stratashpere, a system that is unique due to it's full realtime capabilities, including 3D effects!


Brought a DNE-700 and a DNW-A100 Betacam SX Hybrid recorder. The DNE-700 is a PC based non linear system that will work with the hard drive and tape drive in the DNW-A100 VTR. Sony is now shipping these models thus was able to show that they are now delivering a fully capable non linear edit system for news applications.

Posted: 10 February, 1998
Robert Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor