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At the January 19, 2011 meeting...
Sony's New Technologies for Broadcast Production and Digital Cinematography Applications
At Rule Broadcast/Boston Camera

L-R: Peter Crithary, Hugo Gaggioni and Sony PMW-F3.

The New England Section of SMPTE was pleased to host Sony Corporation at the Rule Broadcast/Boston Camera's spacious facilities in Allston, MA on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.

The Sony presenters at this event were Dr. Hugo Gaggioni CTO, VP Technology for Sony and Peter Crithary, Marketing Manager, Production, of Sony's Broadcast & Professional Solutions Division.

The title for the technical presentations was:

"Sony's New Technologies for Broadcast Production and Digital Cinematography Applications"

This presentation discussed Sony's latest technologies for high-end content creation in the fields of broadcast production and digital cinematography.

The meeting was conducted in two sections.

  • The first featured technologies of digital content creation in general.
  • The second section discussed the new Sony PMW-F3, an upcoming Super 35mm camcorder from Sony.

Dr. Gaggioni makes a point...

Also discussed was the previously-released Sony SRW9000PL and F35 camera systems, and how the new PMW-F3 shares the same core technology and work flow. Key issues with the PMW-F3 were the provision of PL mount prime lenses for Cooke or Zeiss/Arri, as well as the PMW-F3 being provided with three Prime lenses.

Additional work flow augmentations were discussed with the introduction of the new Sony SR-R1 Memory Recorder which can employ current Sony SxS solid state memory cards and a new SR Memory card which will provide one Terabyte per card, to be released soon.

Both presenters, Dr. Gaggioni and Mr. Crithary covered the following topics:

  • Advances in CCD and CMOS sensors.
  • New Transmission and Storage Techniques for Ultra-high capacity Solid-State devices.
  • S-Log –based processing workflows for wide-latitude cinematography.
  • A full discussion on the recently-announced PMW-F3, Super 35mm Camcorder.
    • How the above technologies translate into a complete workflow
    • Screening of footage shot with the camera in unusual lighting circumstances
    • Hands on time with the camera after the meeting

Footage examples were shown via a Sony 4K Professional Theatrical Projector on a very large screen. These samples were recent informational and promotional videos produced by Sony Corporation at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Hollywood, California, and by Sam Nicholson, ASC of Stargate Studios.

Special thanks to Don King, the Sony Field Service engineer that handled the SRX-T420 Digital Cinema projector. It was a 21,000 lumen, 4K resolution, 400 pound unit that is only normally used in theaters and which can be set up to do 3D with a special lens system. Sony has not previously provided this projection technology for local section meetings but the pictures that come out spoke for themselves and made an impression favorable for the PMW-F3 camera technology.

The presentations concluded with a discussion on technical considerations for the practical implementation of true 4K cameras.

Special thanks also to Steve Dirksmeier and Sony for providing the ample meeting refreshments and soft drinks for the 35-40 SMPTE members, students and guests who attended this meeting at Rule/Boston Camera.

Paul Beck
SMPTE/New England Section

Posted: 28 January 2011
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor