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At the January 21, 2009 meeting...
Streaming Media Has Come Of Age
How streaming media technologies are used today

SMPTE/New England devoted the January session to the presentation and discussion of the evolution of Streaming Media.

Suffolk University Law School in Boston opened their doors to over 50 attendees. The session was a great opportunity to learn about the latest in streaming technologies and participate in discussions and technological presentations.

Our host, HB Communications, teamed up with three leading technology manufacturers, Telestream, Optibase, Accordent, to present how streaming media technologies are being used today to address a wide range of applications.

Joe Mendonca, HB Communications

SMPTE/New England Manager and meeting coordinator Joe Mendonca stated "Streaming Media has grown from being a selective and specialized technology to becoming both a mainstream and a widely used process to address many video related applications within broadcast facilities, production environments, educational institutions, corporations, medical facilities, and government, just to name a few examples. Telestream, Optibase, and Accordent are manufacturers of some of the best solutions for Streaming Media production, Streaming Media encoding and delivery, and Streaming Media web and mobile communications. These are some of the same technologies being used by many organizations across the world to meet the high demand for digital video programming in today's world."

Dave Ahearn, Telestream

Telestream focused on network-based encoding and transcoding solutions for Macs and PCs. David Ahearn demonstrated how their technologies are being used within production environments, such as Final Cut and Avid. Mr. Ahearn demonstrated and provided an in-depth discussion on the workflow for Episode Engine, Final Cut Pro, and Final Cut Server production environments.

Arthur Rabinovitz, Optibase

Optibase presented and demonstrated how their technology is being used to address many Video-Over-IP applications within broadcast facilities such as NBC, production environments, educational institutions, corporations, and government. Arhtur Rabinovitz also demonstrated their EzTV system as well as their new Flash encoder and server units.

Tim Sheehan, Accordent Technologies

Accordent Technology focused on web-based rich media solutions by demonstrating how their solutions are being used to enhance communications, education, and training to both web and mobile audiences. Tim Sheehan focused on how today's corporations and educational institutions are using rich media to extend the reach of classrooms, meeting rooms, and conferences to wide audiences on their desktops or mobile devices.

Special thanks to HB Communications for hosting a fine event and providing some rather delicious hot hors d'oevres for the attendees. It was a great evening to learn about streaming.

-Kevin Lessard.

Posted: 3 March 2009
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor