Serial Digital TV

Pisces Productions Tour

By Paul Beck and Robert Peirce

The February meeting was divided into two parts: An afternoon tutorial and an evening 'new facility' tour.

Over fifty attendees participated in the Serial Digital Television Systems tutorial given by Leitch, Incorporated.

Michele Proulx, Director of Engineering for Leitch USA, gave an enormously well-received presentation which educated the attendees in all aspects of digital video. Mr. Proulx began with the most basic digital concepts and then extended his presentation into more complex areas of transmission, monitoring, routing and format conversion issues.

The frantic scribbling of pencils for notetaking and the frequent questions proved that the information was hitting home.

This was helped greatly by the well-designed computer-generated graphics, provided through an LCD display used with a standard overhead projector.

The tutorial was deemed a monumental success by all who attended and greatly enhanced by Mr. Proulx's commanding grasp of the subject matter.

Special thanks also to Leitch USA for providing the tutorial meeting space at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, and to SMPTE members Kevin Lessard and Dick Lipson for their interest and support to Michele Proulx. New England SMPTE manager Robert Peirce chaired the Leitch tutorial meeting event.

The second phase of the meeting was hosted by Section Manager Robert Peirce and his associate Mark FIsh at Pisces Productions in downtown Boston.

The activity was a general open house with multiple guided tours through this new all-digital post-production facility located at fashionable 500 Boylston Street in Boston's Copley Square.

Over 50 SMPTE members and guests toured the many digital workstations, digital video recorder room, digital audio suites and all-digital graphics and paint workstations, all linked together via a custom ethernet.

Staff from Pisces Productions were available for questions and hands-on demonstrations.

Additionallly, there was a special discussion and presentation of the latest IMMIX Videocube nonlinear editing system, which was used to produce a multiple-layer re-entry composite moving segment using a single workstation. The Videocube demonstration was by Gary Chapman, or SNNY Corporation, Watertown, MA.

Paul Beck is Director of Engineering at Emerson College. He can be reached at (617) 578-8834.

Robert Pierce is Vice President of Pisces Productions, the all-digital post-production facility. He can be reached at (617) 325-7325