At the December meeting...

High-Resolution Video Server for Cinema of the Future

With Percy Tzelnic, EMC Corp.

By George Teplansky

The December meeting of the New England Section of the SMPTE was hosted by the EMC Corporation of Hopkinton, MA. Wilson Chao of Cambridge Television Productions provided introductory remarks describing the television industry need for video server systems and discussing some of the experience that EMC Corporation has in large scale server systems for mission critical data which provide the basis for their development of the video server system. Dr. Percy Tzelnic, Director of Server Development at EMC, then delivered the presentation for the evening titled High Resolution Video Server for Cinema of the Future. Dr. Tzelnic described the concept behind a video-on-demand system. Central to the design concept was the thesis that the capability of the system to deliver high data rate video was independent of the speed of the control system processing speed.

A question and answer period followed the presentation, after which the meeting moved to the laboratory where a video server system providing four independent streams of high definition video was observed. Again, numerous questions were answered at this time and the meeting was then adjourned.