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At the Wednesday, June 8 meeting...
LED Lights For Television and Motion Picture Production
With Emmy-Award Winning Lighting Director John Gates

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If you haven't been keeping up with the Moore's law-like advancements in the LED lighting industry, you may be shocked to learn how far the technology has come in recent years.

If it's time to reinvest in lighting technology for your studio or field, it just might be worth considering the addition of a few LED fixtures to your mix - or even supplanting your aging system entirely.

Shedding new light on the latest developments in this field, SMPTE New England was pleased to welcome Emmy-Award winning lighting director and past-chairman, John Gates.

John Gates, right, discusses latest LED lights

Gates' professional exploits over the last three-plus decades have taken him to nearly every continent about the globe. The many anecdotes garnered from his seemingly endless journeys enliven and lend credibility to his insightful talks. He has long been a featured speaker at Barbizon Lighting's seminars at NAB, and his experience as a frequent speaker really shows.

Lite Panel's Fred Horne shows off Sola LED Fresnel

Helping Gates illustrate his points, were representatives of manufacturers offering a large and varied array of LED lighting and related equipment, including Light Panels, Prism Projection, DeSisti, Arri, Rosco, and others.

Rosco's Eric Tishman

Following the formal presentation that made use of both a brief technical overview via PowerPoint plus actual demonstrations of some of newest LED lighting instruments, the approximately forty-five or so members in attendance had the pleasure of meeting and quizzing the manufacturer's representatives one-on-one. This latter session which offered actual hands-on experience with the gear proved most popular and was truly one of high points of the evening.

Prism's Miles Dudgeon with TrueSource LED

In keeping with the LED theme, Steve Dirksmeier of Sony provided the latest BVM-series OLED evaluation monitor with which to properly evaluate the results, while Rule/Boston Camera generously donated the use of a high-tech Sony three-chip camera.

High Output's John Cini tries an Arri LED Fresnel

While nearly everyone has witnessed the rapid acceptance of LED products such as the Lite Panels 1x1's, MiniPlus panels, Micros and the like, many in the audience were not so familiar with the newer advancements that have made point-source, lensed and collimated LED light sources a practical reality. These include Lite Panel's SOLA series fresnels (Sola 6 and Sola ENG), Arri's L-Series fresnels, ellipsoidals from Prism Projection and similar offerings from DeSisti. It was amazing to view the hard shadows and high CRI indices these devices are capable of.

Peter Fasciano makes a point

Even though LED's still do not offer the continuous spectrum qualities of incandescent and HMI sources, the LED industry has reached the point where it can offer near-incandescent performance and consistency, while providing the very real benefits of significantly reduced power requirements, tremendous efficiency, much cooler operation, and extraordinarily long lamp life. It offers another serious alternative for the lighting designer.

RuleBoston Camera provided video gear

Special thanks go out to John Cini and Jim Hirsch of HIGH OUTPUT, INC., Canton, Massachusetts for providing the exceptional facilities and to our immediate Past Chairman Kevin Lessard of VIDEO EXPRESS of Boston (and Needham), Massachusetts for sponsoring the wonderful cookout that immediately proceeded this event, as well as to the many dedicated manufacturer's representatives who contributed their knowledge, time, and equipment so essential to this meeting's success.

Pictures of the barbecue that preceded the meeting:


Kevin Lessard at the grill

Paul Beck

John Gates and Greg Roehr

RCA lives on!

And now a word from out sponsors...

Tom Chaput, Kevin Lessard, Paul Beck and Robin Shahid...

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing summer season. SEE YOU AGAIN IN SEPTEMBER.

Marty Feldman
SMPTE/New England Section

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Posted: 19 June 2011
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor