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Replace AVI now that it's working?
'AAF and ASF will replace AVI (and WAV)'

This somewhat reckless statement made by Microsoft reveals they don't understand the current nonlinear video editing business. AVI, really the current version sometimes called AVI-2 (built from Active Movie and the OpenDML engineering and file format design led by Matrox and the former D-Vision, now Discreet Logic), has become a valuable format in wide use for professional video editing, for example on high-end Truevision Targa 2000 and Matrox DigiSuite hardware, low-end boards like Fast DV Master and Pinnacle/miro cards, and in editing software from Adobe Premiere and in:sync Speed Razor to Avid MCXpress and Discreet Logic Edit*. To 'eliminate' AVI now that it is working sends shudders through the Windows nonlinear editing community.

Posted: May 1998
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor