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Cross-platform tools are not a threat to Apple

The existence of excellent cross-platform software development tools does not harm Apple Computer. Indeed, the lack of excellent cross-platform development tools would harm Apple, as developers would be forced to develop first for the dominant PC/Windows platform.

Similarly, the existence of excellent platform-independent content-creation tools might have been perceived as a threat at Apple, since they now dominate the content creation market. But as Apple should be first to agree, media creators should be able to choose their own tools. Except for short-sighted MIS management directives that seek to purge all but the PC, most wise managers will let artists choose their tools, in order to get the best work done for the company. When they improve the digital video performance of Windows, Apple makes life better for their software developers, who must compete in the dominant Windows market to stay alive.

With the exception of a few areas where the PC excels, like OpenGL and some specific applications like Kinetix 3D Studio MAX [more examples here], media creation tools run as well or better on the Mac, and Apple should work hard to keep it that way.

Posted: May 1998
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor