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Boston's Premiere Media Arts Organization
BF/VF Closes
Where many of us started our careers

The Boston Film/Video Foundation closed its doors on February 9, 2004. (Click here for the announcement by the Board of Directors.) More Boston-area video professionals have passed through those doors than any other educational institution.

In memory of this beloved institution, we've asked some of the people associated with it to recount some of their memories...

Tim Wright Remembers

A BF/VF memoir:

By the teacher of the flagship film class.

A Reminiscence of BF/VF, or "What We Did Before the Internet"

Warm memories and observattions of times past

By Clyde Tressler

The Notorious Shock Art Performance

Why BF/VF's screening room was closed for a year

By Bob Lamm, witness.

Re-enacting Our Certification Tape

Learning about how to make lemonade out of lemons

By Ron Cox, Instructor.

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Updated: 28 July 2013
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor