Democratic National Convention
Live Coverage from the Science Museum
Inside the production setup

These pictures were provided by Rick Zach, Chief Engineer at WCVB-TV Channel 5. Click on any picture for full-size version. Click here to return to the main page for this article.

News live from the roof of the museum with a beautiful Boston backdrop.

WCVB General Manager Paul LaCamera monitored
operations with his UHF walkie.

The remote roof location had full IT capabilities as if they were still at the station.

Scripting and teleprompter via VPN WAN connecting back to the Needham studio via the corporate hub in Charlotte, NC.

Quiet satisfaction on the face of the WCVB IT Director.

Why you never reveal below the knees of an anchorperson...

During the broadcast, another flight of helicopters passed by on patrol. This time, choppers from the US Coast Guard. During another newscast, one chopper seemed to hover very low and directly to the rear of Natalie Jacobson who was on camera. The extreme noise became too obvious to ignore. On camera, she turned around and nicely waived "hi" to the crew. They took the cue and departed.

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Posted: January 12 2005
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor