Democratic National Convention
Air Cover Security
The folks overhead

These pictures were provided by Rick Zach, Chief Engineer at WCVB-TV Channel 5. Click on any picture for full-size version. Click here to return to the main page for this article.

In addition to numerous troops on the ground, the use of many helicopters, loud, low and slow, added an intimidating element of "don't even think of messing with us".

Most choppers had under-belly sensors of some sort. This chopper did not seem to carry armed personnel but it hovered very low and motionless above the media village for about 20-minutes making for a very noisy work environment.

Later in the day, the count increased. The mood created was.... strange.

Interestingly, the choppers showed no identifiable numbers or markings but did seem to have cable winches. The crews were uniformed and seemed to possess enhanced vision gear among other toys.

Lots of choppers...

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Posted: January 12 2005
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor